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The Dark Allegiance

The Fraternity of Purifiers

The Dark Allegiance is a rebellious group of Mysts, mystical beings, who have banded together to fight against the U.S. government and the Fraternity of Purifiers, a group of human operatives hell bent on the persecution of Mysts.

Led by Naomi, an enchantress who’d killed a U.S. Senator and brought the existence of Mysts into the open, The Dark Allegiance will stop at nothing to live in peace and take down the FOP. 

The Fraternity of Purifiers, a group of human operatives, wish to control Mysts they feel are a danger to society. The group was founded by Jackson, a U.S. Senator who’d discovered the existence of Mysts and put together a team of highly trained operatives to keep the Mysts in line. 

Mysts are a danger to society, their powers giving them enough of an advantage they could take down full governments and throw the world into chaos. The FOP know what Mysts are capable of and want to set in motion a plan to keep them under control by all means necessary.

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